Storie di phishing – quinta parte

Bah, rinuncio a cercare di capire la logica dietro sta cosa, ma la Lucy mi ha inviato un altra mail…. forse ho fatto colpo XD


Dear Partner,

There is what you don’t understand, Fund are deposited here not there, and if 
you are requesting the information of the account so that your bank can do the 
transfer to which account? Which of your any of information you submitted to me? 
How will I know you? I have not seen your picture and details of your home 
address? If you are having doubt concerning my request then, ask you bank there 
to contact my bank to proceeded with the information, I have already send you 
the emails contact of my bank. If you like do. I have seen that you are not 

Lucy Adou


La mia risposta non si è fatta attendere e, fermo sulla mia posizione, le ho scritto:


Hi lucy,
sorry but you didn't provided me any info about your bank, and I made
this request 'cause my bank need that info to release the money.... If
my bank can not comunicate with yours I can't do anythings!
Do you understand???
Anyways you have found another man, so you don't need my help anymore....
good bye

Mr LaForca


La cosa sta prendendo una piega ridicola, quindi mi fermo qui anche se dovesse scrivere ancora, ormai non ha più senso….

happy hacking a tutti


Mr LaForca












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